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Welcome to Odesa maritime college of fishing industry named after Oleksii Solyanyk

    Odesa maritime college of fishing industry named after Oleksii Solyanyk (OMCFI named after O. Solyanyk) is the basis for training specialists in the fishing, transport and auxiliary fleets, as well as the coastal enterprises of the industry; was founded by Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 365 of 03.03.1954.

    The College is an associate member of the International Association of Marine English Lecturers (World Maritime University, Sweden), the Institute of Marine Engineering and Technology (UK), and participates in the international STEP UP student exchange program (London).

   During the years of its existence more than 20 thousand specialists have been trained, who successfully work both on the territory of our country and abroad. The total number of college staff is 180, which provides full-time and part-time students. The college contingent is currently 2,500.



Vasily MOZOLYEV - head Odesa maritime college of fishing industry named after Oleksii SolyanykBorn on April 5, 1947. in Odessa.

Graduated from Odessa Technological Institute of Food and Refrigeration Industry. Since 1969 he has been working at the Odessa maritime school of fishing industry (now a college), which he headed in November 1999.


The cadets who graduated from OMCFI are moving quickly, taking 2-3 years as officers. There are many graduates of college captains and senior mechanics.

  College professionals are constantly working to improve and develop new programs. The whole educational process consists of three cycles: humanities, socio-economic disciplines, fundamental vocational-oriented disciplines. In addition, about the last two cycles are allocated about 70% of the curriculum aimed at deepening technical knowledge, acquiring the skills necessary to make independent decisions while working on the ship.
Budget cadets (students) are provided with tuition, crew and board at the expense of funds allocated to the regional budget.

Entrants who have not received the right to enter the budgeted form of study according to the rating, have the right to participate in the competition for the contracted form of education (financing at the expense of individuals or legal entities).

Terms of study

For the qualitative preparation of cadets the college has the appropriate material and technical base. The College accepts students with basic general secondary education and general general secondary education. Full-time study periods are 4 and 3 years, respectively.

Learning process

Laboratories, study rooms, training workshops, computer classes of classic household navigation devices, reliable and searchable devices needed by simulators, businesses, stands, models. Much attention in college is given to preparing cadets for productive activities. The most diverse training process involves 90 productions, the operational level of which allows you to approach the choice of fleet.

For cadets

In college all conditions for studying, accommodation and rest of cadets are created. Non-resident cadets live in an organized hostel (crews). The cadets have a cozy dining room and a buffet table. Good preparation for the lessons can be in the library or reading room. The cadets receive qualified medical care in the college's sanitary department. The college has a football field with synthetic coverage and floodlights, sports and gyms. In the assembly hall of the college cadets in their free time have the opportunity to participate in amateur groups.

The purpose of training

After graduation, the graduates receive a diploma of junior specialist.

Yours sincerely, Vasily Mozolev, Head of the College, 
Honored Education Worker of Ukraine.